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Be an Evangelist!

Did you know that your salvation is not just for your own benefit? Sure, it is a great and marvelous gift! Yes, salvation is for you and it is for so many more!! You have been saved and as a result you should in service to God for the winning of souls.

Please realize that the majority of lost souls are not found in church services or fellowship gatherings. Church services and fellowship gatherings are a gift to those who already believe; for godly instruction, discipleship and encouragement in the sanctification process.

Those truly serving the Lord, should purpose to share the Gospel with those who are outside the church's gatherings and so be obedient to Jesus' Great Commission.

Who is it that may come to know Jesus when you share the Gospel today? It's high time that we, who claim His name,

stop living for self and begin to live for service unto the Lord. Let's make a decision today, that we will live our moments in service to and obedience to Jesus.

When Did You Last Share the Gospel Outside of Church?

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  • 0%Yesterday!

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